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Our main goal is to provide a level of awareness and self-defense on an individual or group basis.


We provide instruction to individuals, executives, groups, families, children, community associations, corporations, small businesses, schools, team sports and youth programs.

Real Estate Agent Safety Training

As a Realtor®, I know from first hand experience the concerns agents have and potentially face while at work. A physical confrontation doesn’t have to occur to jeopardize your safety. There are clever and devious individuals / groups of people that can target you because they see an opportunity on several levels.

At SASDEF, we have created a training course designed specifically for real estate agents and their daily activities, which will carry over into your personal lifestyle as well. Whether you are working as an individual, or are part of a group/team, our system can make you a safer and smarter agent.

Bottom line - if you truly care about your personal safety, you must undertake some sort of realistic self-defense training for the ‘what if’ scenarios and practice.

Situational awareness and self-defense training sessions for real estate agents can be tailored to individuals, small groups/teams or entire MLS boards. Call us at 949-903-1210 and find out what we can do together today.

SASDEF is Mobile

SASDEF has the ability to adapt to your lifestyle and custom design a realistic self-defense program to address your concerns. Whether it’s a private session, seminar or all day class, SASDEF can devise a specific course for you, your family, business, community association, team sports or group membership.

Feel welcome to contact us and learn how we can help you achieve your goals regarding personal safety.

Empowering Ladies

Ladies… Have you been looking for a realistic self-defense course that will open up your minds, abilities and levels of awareness? Would you like a course / class designed to your particular lifestyle? Not interested in a monthly or yearly plan? Well… Then you might want to consider SASDEF’s self-defense system to help you achieve those goals.

With over 30 years of experience in several effective disciplines, communication and security, SASDEF and their instructors can help empower you in becoming better prepared for the ‘what if’ environment that is constantly changing.

Download the Ladies Training Flyer here


Rates will vary depending on your desired amount of training, individual or group structure, demonstration and or involvement. Please contact us at 949-903-1210 to discuss further, and we will design a proposal that is geared towards your specific goals. Thank you.

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