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I’m a medic in the middle of downtown. Had a drunk guy the other day try to get out of the gurney and start trying to punch me in the back. I was able to back up and let him start swinging his hands. After about 10 seconds he got tired. I came from an angle behind him and put my knee into his side. I was able to control his hands until my partner pulled over and we restrained him. I did the exact thing we went over on the gurney and it worked perfectly. So what we went over was perfect for back of the ambulance safety.

Thank you Mike! 


Mr. Anonymous


"The reason I started seeing Mike was because I was involved in a situation where I felt my safety was compromised, by a person who threatened me. This led me on a search to find someone that could help me improve my situational awareness, physical ability, and mental acuteness. Mike has surpassed all my expectations and then some. I have a lot more confidence in my ability to handle any situation that presents itself because of Mike's training. Most importantly, he has taught me how to diffuse situations. Ironically last night, I utilized his tactics and it worked out perfectly. I highly recommend Mike's training for anyone who is trying to gain confidence, situational awareness, and physical training. "


"Such an amazing class!!! Thank you so much! All of the ladies were totally stoked to take away some helpful tips and look forward to some more ‘training’!!! Thanks Mike and to the other ‘Mike’ as well!!!!"


"Not only is Mike one of our fellow Realtors but he also teaches how to avoid confrontations with the proper amount of Situational Awareness, how to speak to people you are wary of, and then LAST on the list, engage with them and how to do it effectively. I have trained with him in this and have also watched his seminars. Everyone walks away amazed and has learned many things to help observe, avoid and if you absolutely have to, implement certain techniques that will save your life."

Bob K


"I have had anxiety for years about being attacked and after just two weeks of training with Mike the anxiety has completely gone away and I feel prepared, aware and confident everywhere I go. I will keep up my training with him as long as possible! Thanks, Mike!"



"Thanks Mike for your incredible self defense classes. The last group I brought to you could not believe how much more confidence you gave them in feeling just a bit more prepared in our unpredictable world."




"My daughters, wife and I all learned so much from Mike last year. We still practice and talk about ways to stay safe before entering a new area or strange situation. Going over the things we learned from Mike are always on our minds especially, while away from home. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach and thank you for your dedication."



"I have taken some martial art classes in the past and what I have learned from Mike in these sessions has been more valuable and given me more confidence in self-awareness and preparedness than any class I have ever taken. Thank you Mike for investing in our community with your time and your talents!"



"Taking a self-defense class is something that I have wanted to do for years. This class was offered so close to home that there were no more excuses. Mike was very well organized with four lessons that were suitable for a variety of ages and physical abilities


We learned how to be more aware of our surroundings and how to avoid dangerous situations. Mike made it very comfortable for all of us to participate. Everyone had a good time practicing simple but effective moves to help us get out of dangerous circumstances.


Thank you Mike, from all of us!"




"Thanks so much for doing this for us. Self-defense is just not natural to me, and yet I think what you taught will stick better than what I was taught in the past. The dummy helped a lot and your giving us the time to repeat the lessons made a big difference too."


I grew up in N.Y.C. with plenty of respect for the streets, and have always been wary and observant.


I think men tend not to feel as vulnerable as women and are generally less watchful and more secure. I view this false sense of security as dangerous."


Best regards,




"Jim and I would like to thank you for presenting such an interesting class tonight! We thoroughly enjoyed it! It was very informative and gave us a lot to think about.

Thank you for all of your time and effort."


Sincerely, Sharon and Jim


"Thanks for a most useful and enlightening seminar. I learned a lot and feel empowered if the occasion ever presents itself. You helped us more than you know...I had a small gathering here and we talked about self-defense and protecting ourselves."


"Thanks again, Mike, for all of your expertise! I liked your Strategies at Home sheet too."



"Thanks Mike. I hope I never have to use what I learned but I did learn some useful things."


"It was all very informative and very much needed on the self-defense seminar. I hope that you do more. You are more than qualified. You have great energy and passion for this and it definitely shows.

Thank you so very much."


Thanks Mike, Delia


"I highly recommend taking this class! Even if you think you know what to do in an event, it's a good reminder."




"Last year, along with about 20 of my neighbors, took a 6 week session taught by Mike Postil and it was very informative and empowering. I recently had an incident, where I was aggressively approached by an agitated and confused individual. Because I had the training and a strategic plan, the outcome was very different than what it could have been.


Mike Postil is amazing and has done trainings for our community as well as corporate trainings. He has years of experience in martial arts and self-defense."





"It was a great class with great content. We appreciate your time and energy."


Kimberly, Newport Beach Association of Realtors


"Mike has an amazing knowledge of self-defense and instructs in a way that anyone of any fitness level can learn to defend themselves. He truly cares about the people he instructs and their safety. There is a passion for keeping you safe that is more than evident in his teaching style. His knowledge of the risks surrounding those in the real estate business come from real life experience as an agent. His presentation would be an assett to any office staff."


Jennifer, Independent Damsel Director at Damsel in Defense

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