I have always enjoyed giving back. Whether that's teaching self-defense techniques to kids and adults or participating in community organizations.

Everyone should be able to feel safe and secure in his or her environment, as much as possible. Unfortunately, we all know that's just not a reality for some and certain areas can be a cause for concern.

The majority of the population would like to have some sort of self-defense training but for numerous reasons, don't pursue or continue that goal. So, what we decided to do is create a class that covers the basic elements of self-defense, from several effective martial arts. In addition to learning these techniques, we cover situational awareness and being mentally prepared for the 'what if' scenarios. Believe it or not, the last two are the most important and we cover why that is.

Combining these three fundamentals has created two benefits. One, we have reduced the time frame in learning effective techniques to defend yourself, that are simple and easy to remember. Second, learning to apply certain life strategies when bad elements present themselves.

If you currently train in a particular martial art (I'm also including boxing and wrestling), good job and keep training. Should the need arise where you would like to undertake a well rounded approach, regarding situations you won't encounter in sports/competitive martial arts (e.g. multiple adversaries, scenario based training, weapons, and situational awareness), feel welcomed to contact us.

For those that are considering a self-defense system on a basic, intermediate or advance level, but can't commit to a month-to-month or yearly plan, SASDEF might be the option for you. Whether you have concerns on your feet, down on the ground, encountering someone with a weapon or multiple attackers, we will address those concerns. We will teach you techniques to avoid a potential confrontation and how to deal with an adversary or more, if there is no other option.

Thank you for viewing our page and have a great day.

Mike Postil

Mission Statement

To provide a simple and effective way for anyone - no matter what age, ability or ailment - to employ effective situational awareness and self-defense.

Who We Are

SASDEF is comprised of a group of security conscious people with different backgrounds. Some of us are in the private sector and others are involved in Law Enforcement.

Our common goal is to provide a level of self-defense on an individual basis or group setting.

We provide instruction to individuals, groups, families, community associations, corporations, small businesses, schools, team sports and youth programs.

What We're Not

SASDEF is not an MMA school or martial arts academy. There are plenty of good ones available and do a fine job. Depending where you live and what your interest are, we can refer you to certain places.

Mike Postil

Over the past 25 years, I have held several job positions and entrepreneur roles involving sales, marketing and executive protection. Currently, I'm a Realtor for Villa Real Estate located in Newport Beach, California. In addition to working in residential real estate, I'm also a certified Personal Protection Specialist and work in the private security industry.

Throughout those 25 years, I have been a student of several martial arts. I currently hold a Third Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I'm well versed in several other disciplines. I have had the good fortune to learn from several individuals in the martial arts world and I have also had the opportunity to learn from outstanding individuals in the private security environment.

On a personal note, from first hand experience, I truly understand the importance of keeping your family safe and anti-bullying issues. Having the combination of the martial arts/security environment, coupled with my business and family background, has provided me a comprehensive approach when giving back and teaching those in self-awareness and self-defense.

Mike Postil, SASDEF Founder
Training & Events

Our common goal is to provide a level of self-defense on an individual basis or group setting.

We provide instruction to individuals, groups, families, community associations, corporations, small businesses, schools, team sports and youth programs.

Here are a few of our upcoming training events:

Realistic training that addresses your individual and or groups goals
SASDEF at Women Jonathan

Real Estate Agent Safety Training

As a Realtor®, I know from first hand experience the concerns agents have and potentially face while at work. A physical confrontation doesn’t have to occur to jeopardize your safety. There are clever and devious individuals / groups of people that can target you because they see an opportunity on several levels.

At SASDEF, we have created a training course designed specifically for real estate agents and their daily activities, which will carry over into your personal lifestyle as well. Whether you are working as an individual, or are part of a group, our system can make you a safer and smarter agent.

Bottom line - if you truly care about your personal safety, you must undertake some sort of realistic self-defense training for the ‘what if’ scenarios and practice.

Situational awareness and self-defense training sessions for real estate agents can be tailored to individuals, small groups or entire MLS boards. Call us at 949-531-4378 and find out what we can do together today.

Download the flyer here.

SASDEF Realtor Training
SASDEF is Mobile

SASDEF has the ability to adapt to your lifestyle and custom design a realistic self-defense program to address your concerns. Whether it’s a private session, seminar or all day class, SASDEF can devise a specific course for you, your family, business, community association, team sports or group membership.

Feel welcome to contact us and learn how we can help you achieve your goals regarding personal safety.

SASDEF is mobile
Empowering Ladies

Ladies… Have you been looking for a realistic self-defense course that will open up your minds, abilities and levels of awareness? Would you like a course / class designed to your particular lifestyle? Not interested in a monthly or yearly plan? Well… Then you might want to consider SASDEF’s self-defense system to help you achieve those goals.

With over 25 years of experience in several effective disciplines, communication and security, SASDEF and their instructors can help empower you in becoming better prepared for the ‘what if’ environment that is constantly changing.

Download the flyer here.

Ladies Empowerment

Rates will vary depending on your desired amount of training, individual or group structure, demonstration and or involvement. Please contact us to discuss further, and we will design a proposal that is geared towards your specific goals.


"I have had anxiety for years about being attacked and after just two weeks of training with Mike the anxiety has completely gone away and I feel prepared, aware and confident everywhere I go. I will keep up my training with him as long as possible! Thanks, Mike!"


"Thanks Mike for your incredible self defense classes. The last group I brought to you could not believe how much more confidence you gave them in feeling just a bit more prepared in our unpredictable world."


"My daughters, wife and I all learned so much from Mike last year. We still practice and talk about ways to stay safe before entering a new area or strange situation. Going over the things we learned from Mike are always on our minds especially, while away from home. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach and thank you for your dedication."


"I have taken some martial art classes in the past and what I have learned from Mike in these sessions has been more valuable and given me more confidence in self-awareness and preparedness than any class I have ever taken. Thank you Mike for investing in our community with your time and your talents!"


"Taking a self-defense class is something that I have wanted to do for years. This class was offered so close to home that there were no more excuses. Mike was very well organized with four lessons that were suitable for a variety of ages and physical abilities.

We learned how to be more aware of our surroundings and how to avoid dangerous situations. Mike made it very comfortable for all of us to participate. Everyone had a good time practicing simple but effective moves to help us get out of dangerous circumstances.

Thank you Mike, from all of us!"


"Thanks so much for doing this for us. Self-defense is just not natural to me, and yet I think what you taught will stick better than what I was taught in the past. The dummy helped a lot and your giving us the time to repeat the lessons made a big difference too.

I grew up in N.Y.C. with plenty of respect for the streets, and have always been wary and observant.

I think men tend not to feel as vulnerable as women and are generally less watchful and more secure. I view this false sense of security as dangerous."

Best regards, Linda

"Jim and I would like to thank you for presenting such an interesting class tonight! We thoroughly enjoyed it! It was very informative and gave us a lot to think about.

Thank you for all of your time and effort."

Sincerely, Sharon and Jim

"Thanks for a most useful and enlightening seminar. I learned a lot and feel empowered if the occasion ever presents itself. You helped us more than you know...I had a small gathering here and we talked about self-defense and protecting ourselves."


"Thanks again, Mike, for all of your expertise! I liked your Strategies at Home sheet too."


"Thanks Mike. I hope I never have to use what I learned but I did learn some useful things."


"It was all very informative and very much needed on the self-defense seminar. I hope that you do more. You are more than qualified. You have great energy and passion for this and it definitely shows.

Thank you so very much."


"I highly recommend taking this class! Even if you think you know what to do in an event, it's a good reminder."


"Last year, along with about 20 of my neighbors, took a 6 week session taught by Mike Postil and it was very informative and empowering. I recently had an incident, where I was aggressively approached by an agitated and confused individual. Because I had the training and a strategic plan, the outcome was very different than what it could have been.

Mike Postil is amazing and has done trainings for our community as well as corporate trainings. He has years of experience in martial arts and self-defense."


"It was a great class with great content. We appreciate your time and energy."

Kimberly, Newport Beach Association of Realtors

"Mike has an amazing knowledge of self-defense and instructs in a way that anyone of any fitness level can learn to defend themselves. He truly cares about the people he instructs and their safety. There is a passion for keeping you safe that is more than evident in his teaching style. His knowledge of the risks surrounding those in the real estate business come from real life experience as an agent. His presentation would be an assett to any office staff."

Jennifer, Independent Damsel Director at Damsel in Defense

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