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I have always enjoyed helping others and giving back. Whether that is conducting Executive Protection Details, teaching self-defense techniques to kids and adults or participating in community organizations.


Everyone should be able to feel safe and secure in his or her environment, as much as possible. Unfortunately, we all know that's just not a reality for some and certain areas can be a cause for concern.


The majority of the population would like to have some sort of self-defense training but for numerous reasons, don't pursue or continue that goal. So, what we decided to do is create a class that covers the basic elements of self-defense, from several effective martial arts. In addition to learning these techniques, we cover situational awareness and being mentally prepared for the 'what if' scenarios. Believe it or not, the last two are the most important and we cover why that is.


Combining these three fundamentals has created two benefits. One, we have reduced the time frame in learning effective techniques to defend yourself, that are simple and easy to remember. Second, learning to apply certain life strategies when bad elements present themselves.


If you currently train in a particular martial art (I'm also including boxing and wrestling), good job and keep training. Should the need arise where you would like to undertake a well rounded approach, regarding situations you won't encounter in sports/competitive martial arts (e.g. multiple adversaries, scenario based training, weapons, and situational awareness), feel welcomed to contact us.


For those that are considering a self-defense system on a basic, intermediate or advance level, but can't commit to a month-to-month or yearly plan, SASDEF might be the option for you. Whether you have concerns on your feet, down on the ground, encountering someone with a weapon or multiple attackers, we will address those concerns. We will teach you techniques to avoid a potential confrontation and how to deal with an adversary or more, if there is no other option.


Thank you for viewing our page and have a great day.

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